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It all started 1 year ago...

June 16, 2015 - It started as a beautiful sunny day, Em stayed home to attend her sister's awards ceremony. Sitting on the bench in the cafeteria, she was in pain, but excited for Caitlyn and the rest of the day. We were having a mommy and Em day.. lunch at Atlanta Bread, shopping at Five Below, dr appointment and ultrasound.

After Cailtyn came home from school, we drove north for the 2nd orthopedic opinion, we had been waiting a month for. The xray showed a separation of the shoulder socket and humerus. The dr said I needed to schedule a MRI ASAP. We assumed the shoulder was dislocated and discussed it for the next 3 days.

June 18 - MRI. I couldnt go in with Em during the MRI because I was pregnant. It took a long time because they took pics with and without contrast, She was in excruciating pain by the time they were done and angry with me because I dint tell her she was getting a shot of contrast.

June 19 - The dr called and asked if we could come in early to discuss the results. We thought it was because a time opened up. When i asked if I needed my husband there, they said No. So me and Em drove up by ourselves, thinking when they were going to schedule the dr putting the shoulder back in place. When the dr. took me into his office he showed me the tumor in her arm and lungs. He said we needed to go to CHOP and speak with the orthopedic surgeon and to plan on being there thru the weekend. Shock doesnt begin to describe what i was thinking. I sent Em down to the car so she wouldnt hear me call my husband. We waitied in the office while the dr made arrangements for us to meet with the surgeon. I told Em we were going to CHOP.. she said jokingly - watch i probably have cancer... I just cried behind my sunglasses,.. she never knew...

When we left, I stopped and Dunkin Donuts to get Em her mango smoothie and bagel. We went to Five Below and bought stuff to occupy us in the hospital and Caitlyn's birthday gifts. Em was so excited to fill a basket of goodies for her sister..

And so the beginning of our nightmare...

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