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Sparkle Strong

Heidi Daus Announces
“Sparkle Strong” Childhood Cancer Awareness Pin

Emiliana’ s incredible amount of HOPE she displayed throughout her entire battle inspired Heidi to help raise awareness. Emiliana was the inspiration behind this beautiful pin.

Heidi took to the sketchbook to design a pin that would help Emiliana’ s hope and spirit live on. During her entire battle she was distraught by how there was always “pink ribbons, but never yellow”. This pin was designed to help bring awareness of childhood cancer as well as provide hope for those closely affected to those with childhood cancer.


The Heidi Daus jewelry collection embodies superior design, style and color. Since 1981 the masterpieces of Heidi Daus have set precedence for the jewelry industry and pioneered the concept of statement jewelry. From an early age Heidi was exposed to luxurious fashion and traveled the world to study how to incorporate the finest jewelry making techniques into her work. Heidi’s love of fine art, nature, and home décor is reflected in her designs with a focus on attention to intricate details. Elegant, timeless and confident defines the Heidi Daus woman.

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