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As a volunteer you can honor a survivor or a loved one lost to cancer, help people in your local community, and join the fight to cure cancer. Your talents can and will make a real difference.  Join us and discover how rewarding volunteering

can be.


Education Assistance

The major costs of a cancer diagnosis and treatment are for things like time in the hospital, clinic visits, medicines, tests and procedures, home health services, and the services of doctors and other professionals. Insurance, managed care, or public health care programs pay most of these costs if you are covered in such a plan. But families face many indirect costs and other expenses because of cancer and its treatment, along with their usual bills. These costs can be for things like:


  • Travel (gas and parking) to doctor visits, clinics, hospitals, and treatment appointments

  • Lodging (a place for the patient and/or family to stay) during treatment away from home

  • Meals during travel or clinic visits

  • Extra child care costs

  • Communication (phone calls, faxes, copies of medical records, etc.) with doctors, friends, and relatives

  • Special foods and nutritional supplements

  • Special equipment or clothing

Please apply so we can help you with some of your burden as you go through this time.  We understand is it not easy to ask for help, but please don't let pride get in the way of peace of mind.           


A cancer diagnosis can have devastating effects on a student and their family. Beyond the physical stresses of fighting the disease, there is an accompanying emotional stress and depression that can derail a promising academic career.


Students fighting cancer can sometimes feel that there is little point in continuing their education or attending camps. Moreover, the high costs of cancer treatment only serve to reinforce the idea that these things are no longer a possibility, let alone a priority. But nothing could be further from the truth.


We would like to help offset some of the cost with children that qualify. 



Financial Assistance

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