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Dedication Ceremony

Today, we attended a ceremony at the memorial garden at Em's school for her memorial stone and birdhouse dedication. The school did a beautiful job, her friends read memories and poems, and performed several songs. The school decorated the garden in her favorite color, and then everyone placed sea shells on the porch of the birdhouse.

It was exactly what we wanted for Emiliana's friends. For them to be able to share their memories, in a happier setting, to be able to 'do something, and be included', while honoring their friend. It is difficult for us to remember before June of last year, but these children, brought back so many happy memories. They made the day extremely special for us.

We didnt realize how many people Emiliana touched, whether in the schools, the community, or so many others just hearing her story. We are honored and humbled we are by everyone's generosity and love.

Emiliana was a very special girl. She was an old soul with a kind heart, who always took those that needed a little extra TLC, under her wing. She would go out of her way to bring a smile, to make them feel better, or to help in some way. Since Kindergarten, she was drawn to children who needed the extra help and would bring it upon herself to teach them in a way they would understand; she would defend those who were being bullied; spend time with the elderly, because she wanted to hear their stories and the list goes on...

Today, a girl told me she was being being bullied, and was hiding against the wall in the hallway, when Em stopped, not knowing her, and tried several times to make her feel better. Eventually, she did make the girl laugh, and feel better. Almost 2 years later, that girl remembers the little extra step Em took, to make a stranger happy.

I hope everyone that hears about Emiliana's courageous journey, and her generosity, will take time to do a little something extra for those around them. It doesnt take much to smile or say hi to someone who looks lonely, but when you do, imagine how good the recipient of that smile feels, knowing another person took the time to try and bring a smile to their face.

As we expressed to Emiliana's friends this morning, she wouldnt want us to be sad or to cry for her, Em would want us to be happy, remembering the times she shared with us. I hear her in my head, "Dont cry, mommy, I'm OK". She is an angel watching over all of us. Remember her sassy-ness, sarcasm and playfulness. It's ok to be sad sometimes, but talk and remember the good times, as well.. Do it for Em.. keep her memory alive...

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