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Memorial Day 2015

As the year anniversary of diagnosis approaches. we try to remember the happy memories from 2015. Last Memorial Day Weekend we were relaxing at parent's house for the annual BBQ and swimming, and at our friend's birthday party. I will never forget Kim dancing to "Honey, I'm Good", and Em, giving Kim and me the "OMG, really?" We laughed alot that day and everytime that song came on. After December. it was difficult to listen to the song without tears, but now, I try very hard to listen and remember the happiness we once shared while listening to it. Because that is what Emiliana would want - to remember the happy times.

This year, as the weekend progresses, as Caitlyn goes into the pool for the first time of the season, and as Connor's feet touch the pool water for the first time, Tim and I will watch with bittersweet tenderness.

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